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management information system1

It has been said that there is no such thing as a sustainable competitive advantage . Do you agree ? Why or why not


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A firm 's ability to outperform its revivals in the industry is known as competitive advantage . Achieving a competitive advantage is not a difficult task for the companies , it requires good strategies . With superior skills , resources and positions it becomes easier to attain the competitive advantage

While sustainable competitive advantage means that a particular company maintains such a position in

the market that its revivals despite trying their best can 't achieve the position they enjoy . In today 's time it is said that there is no such thing as sustainable competitive advantage Technology has made it easy to achieve the same information the companies with competitive advantage posses to its revivals . They act upon those information and strategies and replace the company . There are companies who enjoyed extended time of being the superiors like Sears but due to misleading information through their diverse network they had to lose their position while Wal-Mart took advantage of it and became the leading company amongst its competitors (Porter . M . E , 1998

Therefore to have a sustainable competitive advantage it is necessary that the company performs its operations in isolation while today the environment of the companies are open to different changes and information therefore isolation is not a very practical thing . A company can sustain competitive advantage but not for a long term it...

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