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A man of the people by Chinua Achebe

British in their former colony .Further , the above company makes hefty contributions to the campaign funds of the ruling People Organization Party ' mainly to see that party was in power to furthering their business interest . Thus , Achebe divulges how a strong Western contribution had its effect on the African corruption and greed that he satirizes in the novel

The title of the book indirectly resembles Nanga , who is characterized as an uncultured , unscrupulous , ambitious and ruthless politician who elevated himself by crookedness to the position of minister in the ruling

government . Achebe 's satirical portrayal of Nanga as a selfish man to make it clear that title of the book is wholly ironic

In his novel , Man of the People , he vividly dealt with the corruption in high echelons of the government and recommended military intervention as a solution to the situation . Thus , the proposed remedy rendered implies that Ache was susceptible to the accusation that he had prior insider 's knowledge of military plans . Further , Achebe exerts his technique of identifying the competition between competing value systems for political power in Africa

The atrocities of many well -armed military junta 's who controlled the postcolonial Africa by oppressing their own people and served to the interest of non-African , neocolonial interests like the dog which serves the hunter at the expenses of the other animals . Such an autocratic military junta rule had oppressed numerous people and had been the fate of many in modern Africa as Achebe had narrated in his book

In this book , Achebe narrates how a finance minister was ousted by the prime minister of ruling People 's Organization Party [POP] for his intelligent and sincere plan for economic reform in the middle of a calamity which might be proved to be unpopular among the voters . The...

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