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What are some of the major differences between individualist and collectivist cultures? Why is it important to understand these differences?

Collectivist Culture Vs . Individualist Culture

Collectivist Culture Vs . Individualist Culture : A Study of Differences


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The purpose of this is examining the chief differences in the collectivist culture and the individualist culture . The will give concrete examples of where these cultures survive in the modern world and will also express the importance of understanding these cultural differences

As may be surmised by the names of each culture the collectivist culture is one in which a group decides the function , while an individualist

culture prizes the individual person and their introverted goals of purpose . Examples of a collectivist culture may be found in Greece , for even in the classroom setting , cheating is encouraged (this is true because it is a group effort , as well as found in China (where the family , and the extended family have weight in every decision made for the family . Examples of individualist culture may be found in America (where cheating is prohibited in a classroom setting ) and where the choice of a family is often trumped by the choice of an individual (Kapoor et al . 36-38

In the collectivist culture , individuals are encouraged to conform to society 's rules and functions . Thus , one must fit in with that society and not act outside of society 's standards if one is to be accepted by that culture . In this respect , working toward a common goal (again the example of cheating may be used ) is always preferable to having the individual...

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