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lighting Design

Changes in lighting technology

Lighting technology has evolved over time to present , some of the best to be seen effects of lighting in interior design . Changes in the lighting technology have been witnessed in light sources , designs of lamps , controls and other evolving technologies The lamp and lighting industry have in general literally exploded with innovation . Participants in this industry are out to out smart each other by coming up with new product designs so as to win the competition which at present time is very high . The following part discusses how

br light sources , designs of lamps , controls and emerging technologies to influence or impact on future developments in interior lighting (http /www .prolighting .com

Lighting sources

Traditionally light sources included incandescent , fluorescent , high intensity discharge lamps . Of late there have been many new innovations which have brought things like solid state devices that are seen as an avenue of changing the way people normally light their houses Light sources can be broadly categorized into two group namely the natural and artificial . Naturally light can be emitted by the following sourses .1 ) astronomical objects which includes sunlight that distributes light to other heavenly bodies through reflection . These heavenly bodies includes , moon , comets , asteroids , meteors , and also planets . Other astronomical bodies that produce light on their own includes , stars star clusters , galaxies , nebulae , quasars , and accretion disks .2 )bioluminescence which includes glow worms , Antarctic krill , and aquaria Victoria (a type of jelly fish .3 )lightning 4 )aurora .5 )triboluminescences e .g . magma and plasma According to Ted Ferreira , a principal of LA-based City Design , in his article , the latest in lamps , artificial lighting affects the lives of billions of people around the world each day . Artificial light sources include direct chemical sources such as light sticks , phosphorescence and fluorescence . Combustion - based sources are also artificial and include things like candles , fire , lanterns , safety lamps , torches argon flash among others . The main and most common used artificial source of light is he electric one . Electric sources include incandescent lamps , eletroluminance lamps , gas discharge lamps which includes xenon flash lamps , plasma lamps , neon and argon lamps , hollow cathode lamps , inductive lighting , and fluorescent lamps , High intensity discharge lamps further divided into , ceramic discharge metal halides lamps , xenon arc lamps , sulfur lamps , sodium vapor lamps metallic halides lamps , mercury vapor lamps , and hydragynum medium -arc iodide (HML ) lamps . The incandescent lamps examples include carbon button lamps , halogen lamps , and globar and nemst lamps Among all electrically operated light sources , however , incandescent and halogen lamps remain the most popular for decorative lighting and also to applications which requires excellent color rendering . Nuclear source has always been there as an artificial source of light and can be divided into two categories i .e . radio luminescent paints (formally used in watches and clocks ) and self powered lighting

LED / semiconductor is another source which includes light emitting diode (LED ) and can be further broken down into the following sources organic light emitting diodes , solid state lighting among many...

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