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What was life like 50 years ago in AMERICA?

A New Life in a New America : The 1950s

Joe Smith couldn 't be happier . Two years ago he was in the middle of war that seemed to go on forever . Now , he 's back in his country , in his hometown . He couldn 't wait to go back to his family . He was so ecstatic at the thought of starting and renewing his family life . The year was 1951 . There was so much hope in the country , hope for a brighter future Smith was as hopeful as every American was that things will start

br turning around . Joe had so many plans . He couldn 't wait to work on them

The first thing he wanted to do was to find a new house that he could finally call his own . He wanted to provide a better house and a better environment for his wife and two kids . The problem was , there weren 't any house in the city suitable for the life he wanted for them . Even worse , there weren 't enough houses for everyone . Joe had no choice but look for houses outside the city . He , like many other Americans discovered the beauty of the areas at the edge of cities . They built communities just outside the cities which were called suburbs . Joe liked the suburbs so much that he decided on building a new home there . He found it easy to build a new home since he was able to secure a cheap mortgage thanks to the G .I . bill

Joe and his family liked the suburbs so much . They found it convenient and attractive . Living in the suburbs allowed them to experience a sense of community . They were able to form organizations and social groups together with their neighbors . They enjoyed having a yard and the activities they could hold in it . More importantly , Joe found the location of the suburbs very convenient . Being a few minutes away from the city , the suburbs was strategically located . People living in suburbs could easily travel back and forth between their homes and the city . In other words , Joe liked the idea of earning a living in the city and at the same time enjoying the kind of family life he wanted in the suburbs

Joe wasn 't the only one who worked in the city . Due to the booming economy , other Americans easily found work . The unemployment rate decreased drastically . The whole country was enjoying a progressive economy . Every citizen was benefiting from the emergence of the United States as the richest nation in the world . The average income per person increased from 1526 to 2788 . Joe 's family and other American families enjoyed the increase in income which meant they could afford to buy more of the things that they wanted

There was a lot for Americans to want . The first thing that Joe bought was a television . It was the newest craze hitting the American nation Joe and his family spent much of their nights watching various television...

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