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lexical phrases and language teaching

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Every time we think that in to know or to speak in foreign language we need to study its grammar and that study is a part of studying the language . But in to learn it , it is not the same in learning the language

. These are some question to be considered in leaning the use of Lexical Phrases , like what is the meaning of the grammar , what are the arguments to be considered in learning it , and what are the parameters within we are working ? The use of the lexical phrases as the second language training had established an interest to make it as an alternative to grammar based usages for many people who wants to know about it ADDIN EN .CITE Newson1117Dennis NewsonDown with Grammarteamagazine49 - 5349magazinehttp /www .gobiernodecanarias .org /educacio n /tea /team2 /team2_49_newson .pdf (Newson . The lexical phrases focus on raising the students ' proficiency with the words combinations or usage . The teaching deals on reasonably permanent expressions that take place seldom in oral language like I am sorry ' or That will never happen again ' to a certain extent than on formerly created sentences . Lexical language can be consider as the foundation of language , sometimes they get the wrong idea in the language instructing for the reason that the statement that grammar is consider as the foundation of the language and that being expert of the grammatical system is a requirement for efficient communication

James R . Nattinger and Jeanette S . DeCarrico`s `Lexical Phrases and Language Teaching` include an awareness in a central role for the exact language explanation and they also dare a conventional analysis of word limitations , highlighting the language learner 's desire to perceive and apply patterns of lexical phrases . Most important is the fundamental state that the language construction is not a syntactic rule administered steps except as a replacement for the recovery of a large phrasal pieces from the remembrance . However , applying the lexical phrases in the classroom does not show the way to a thorough practical effect . To a certain extent , it includes alteration in the instructor thinking . And the most significant thing is that the language tricks is dependable with the usage of the lexical phrase must be intended for in the direction of naturally taking place language and near raising students ' knowledge about the lexical phrases as a language ADDIN EN .CITE Lexical Approach to Second Language Teaching2007May 212001Olga Moudraia Walailak University Thailandhttp /www .cal .org /resource s /digest /0102lexical .html "Lexical Approach to Second Language Teaching , 2001

Here are some of the characteristic of Lexical Phrase , it is a set of word or words that make a grammatical component of some type and which shows a level of inflexibility . It is considered unchangeable but...

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