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a letter from ponyboy to his brother darry

Running head : A Letter from Ponyboy

A Letter from Ponyboy to his Brother Darry



[Date of Submission]

A Letter from Ponyboy to his Brother Darry

University City

San Diego , CA

June 4 , 2008

Dear Darry

Greetings to you ! How are you , older brother ? It 's been quite a while since I sent you a letter . My mistake . Sorry for that . I 've been busy for the last few weeks here insane Diego . My study is eating up most of my time . Right now , we are

approaching already the finals week . A lot of requirements are already on my list . But don 't you worry brother , I am okay . I manage to keep healthy and strong despite the conflicts of time in my part-time job and schooling . And speaking of work , I have some good news for you . The manager of the food chain I am working at was impressed by my dedication to my job . In fact , I was chosen to be the crew of the month . Because of that , I got an additional compensation in my salary . Not too big , but large enough to spend for my thesis . It was a big help since I badly needed to finish my thesis as the final submission of it is nearing . Of course , I have to graduate this semester . That was my promise to you , right ? Don 't worry , Darry . All of your spending for my schooling will finally come to an end . A month from now , I will be called Lawyer Ponyboy Curtis . However , I will not be able to reach this status if not because of you . Thank you so much Darry . I really appreciate all the things you have done and sacrificed for me . I know that you don 't want to marry your fiancye Lindsay until I haven 't finished my studies . But I told you for several times that you don 't need to do that . You don 't have to sacrifice your own happiness just for my sake . I can manage myself now . I am a man now . Being thirty years old is no longer young . But what did you do ? You still insisted to pay half of my tuition . I told you to keep them for yourself and for your future . You , too , are no longer young . You must build a family of your own , just like what Sodapop did . You 're such a stubborn . No wonder why they called you Superman back then . You 're such a strong-willed person . But no matter how strong-willed you are , you must promise me that after my graduation , you will take care of your personal life

By the way , how 's work after being promoted as chief lieutenant of the Oklahoma Police Department ? Doing well ? How 's peace and security there You know what , I 'm very happy with your current situation , actually with the situations of us three - you , Sodapop , and I . After the long battle between the Socs and the greasers , I was...

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