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letter to the legislator



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Letter to the Legislator

Dear Mr . Beitzel

As a responsible and a conscious member of my community , I am more than concerned about the current state of affairs in medical care , as well as the role which genetic testing may play for preserving confidentiality of insured patients . The current Bill proposed by Delegate Manno refers to one of the most painful s in healthcare - genetic testing and the need to link genetic tests to considerations of confidentiality . In HB1 , Delegate Manno

proposes that An insurer , nonprofit health service plan , or health maintenance organization may not use a genetic test , the results of a genetic test , genetic information , or a request for genetic services , to reject , deny , limit , cancel , refuse to renew , increase the rates of , affect the terms or conditions of , or otherwise affect a health insurance policy or contract . Furthermore , it is proposed that the results of genetic testing are not used to change the structure of health benefits coverage (HB1 , 2009

What seems obvious is that Delegate Manno omits several essential components of genetic testing that could benefit health insurers and employers . Certainly , I do not vote against confidentiality , and I truly believe that the results of genetic testing should be protected by several levels of confidentiality in healthcare . Simultaneously , I am confident that in case an individual is diagnosed with a genetic dis which does not reveal any symptoms but may be risky for his (her ) health , healthcare entities...

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