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Paper Topic:

2 lessons plan for a 2nd grade science and social studies class on the subject TIME (clock time)

Send it home to be finished

Assessment : Students will create clocks using plates then mark and label times on the clock for events of the day

Additional Resources

Pigs on the Blanket by Amy Axelrod

The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle

Nine O 'clock Lullaby by Marilyn Singer

All About Time by Andre Verde

Social Studies Lesson Plan

Materials : classroom analog clock , 12 " x 18 " sheet of white construction , individual student clocks , Daily Times worksheet

Objective : Place important life events in chronological on a timeline . An understanding of chronological

is applied to the analysis of the interrelatedness of events . The student will the events that occur in a day

The student will distinguish between events that occur in the a .m . and br


Anticipatory Set : The teacher will review the terms of analog , a .m . and br

.m . as well as discuss the difference between the two

Prior Knowledge : Teacher will then brainstorm activities for each Develop prior knowledge by asking for suggestions of activities that occur in the a .m . and

.m . Create a tree map to display students suggestions

Instructional Procedure : Give each student a small analog clock to review time to the hour , half hour , and quarter hour . The teacher will model using the classroom clock

Using students ' brainstorming suggestions of events , have the students demonstrate the time on their clocks and name whether it is a .m . or

.m Hand out white construction and model folding into eight sections Students will follow step by step directions by folding once vertically and twice horizontally to create the eight sections (teacher may need to help some students with this part . Students will cut the handout of blank clocks and glue one on to each section of the Students will then choose four events that occur...

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