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What have you learned in this class (Speech) have or will prepare you for your future career?

I have previously sold to them

Success in business is all about business talk . It is an art actually A product or service could not really be as effective as it claims but through business talk , a businessman can make even the worst of products , sell . Business talk ' is the way businessmen persuade consumers to buy a product or service . Knowing how to persuade consumers to buy is what the businessman is made for , if not for this skill , a businessman would be of no use and should consider a different career to

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But before I could even write the first draft of any speech , I should learn first how to make an outline of it . Businessmen are busy people and not having an outline could mean the difference between sealing a deal and losing a client . An outline saves time it gives a sense of direction into the speech . For businessmen who have little time , an outline could mean the difference between a sealed deal or losses in profit

Sometimes , when the speaker is not really that good in verbal communication , really good visual and properly researched materials would be enough to persuade a consumer to purchase something . Sometimes it is even by clients who are way too busy to sit down and listen to a speech . A mere glance is enough for them to judge whether a product or service would be worth their money and time . This is the time when learning how to do visual aids and research materials properly would come in handy . A visually stunning presentation would be more appealing than a well researched presentation but that does not mean using proper resources should not be considered . Having the correct information is equally important as having an appealing information

Last lesson that would...

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