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What I learned From The Course

Running Head : INSERT ABBREVIATED TITLE What I learned from the Course

`Diversity Issues in the workplace` is a course that is essential for the study programs in the world today . With cross-continental and cultural barriers vanishing and distances shortening , it is important to know how to operate in a diverse environment . Of course , when the factor of diversity comes in to play in a work environment , it gives rise to its own issues and obstacles . In to be able to work productively in a modern day organization , a person has to understand the

element of diversity so that the issues can be avoided and dealt with in a professional and ethical manner

As I have taken this course , I now understand the different facets of the concept of diversity in a work place . First of all , what this course aims at developing is a sense of keenness towards dealing with situations in a humane and ethical manner , and at the same time maintains professionalism . Different work places have different environments the organization may have different attitudes towards different sexes , ethnicities , sexual preferences , races or even age groups . At the same time , people come from all sorts of demographics and cultural backgrounds . When these backgrounds and demographics mix issues are bound to arise . This course has taught me how to deal with such situations

By first of all defining and clearing up the concept of diversity , the course makes it easy to understand that diversity is not just about races...

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