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leadership experience for application

Question is Describe your most significant leadership experience (200 words max

My most significant leadership experience comes during my 11th grade when I became the co-captain of our class . Our school was put in a very tough situation . we underwent a very serious legal problem with our school 's chief director . It was a dreadful experience since it could lead up to the school 's closing

Classes are normally comprised of 50 students but because of that problem students opt to transfer to other schools while others stays loyal to our

alma matter . Students who decided to stay , which includes me were only 300 from the 11th grade and 1000 students from the seniors who fought for our school 's justice . Our endeavor did not failed because we won over the case and our school remains open until now . That event gave me the responsibility to lead our class in the protest . It was really a memorable time and a good experience no normal students can experience

I was also a band member of our school . Being in a band , we cooperate and come up with our own lyrics and performed a lot in other schools Personally , after joining that band , I am more confident and learned more about good experiences in life...

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