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leadership assignment

Running Head : Leadership





Date Leadership Assignment


This essay shall look at the types of leadership theories and styles that used by different organisations to develop effective leadership (Adam , 1976 . The will analyse and compare leadership programs used in the contemporary organisations for the purposes of supporting the above argument . It will go further to look at more than one organisation and the types of leadership programs that they offer in their organisations with the aim of trying to improve their staffs

leadership qualities . The programs shall be compared with the known leadership theories find out if the programs are drawing on the theories as they try out the different leadership skills

In the contemporary organisations , there are various leadership programs that are used in the day to day management . These programs as shall be discussed later , are based on the existing leadership theories and leadership styles . As it shall be seen later in the , various organisations have various leadership styles and programs that they use to improve the leadership skills of their members of staff

Types of Leadership Theories

The Theory of 'Great Man . This type of theory dictates that a leader is one who inherits leadership qualities and abilities from their parents or grandparents (Josh et al 2007 . It says that good and powerful leaders are those who are born . Those leaders who emerge from nowhere and come to the limelight after making it for themselves are not considered as great leaders . This type of leadership style was normally used in the past times where men were considered as being better placed leaders than women . The leaders are thought to be heroes and are portrayed as the top cream of the society from which the leaders emerge They are considered to have the ability to rise up the ladder in terms of leadership and make a difference to the society

The other type of leadership theory is the 'Trait Theory . This type of leadership is like that of the 'Great Man ' only that certain traits and leadership abilities are inherited and they place the leader in a better position to exercise his /her leadership qualities (Lippit et al , 1939 This theory identifies specific qualities and characteristics (in terms of behaviour ) that leaders share in common . It is very difficult to use this type of theory in explaining leadership because people could be having certain traits that are of good characteristics and leadership qualities and yet they are not leaders . Where are such people placed Are they forced to be leaders ? What then happens to them

The other theory is the theory of participation . It says that the input of the workers or members of staff for that matter in taken into account during the process of decision making . Groups of members are encouraged to participate in various consultations and meetings in to come up with a reached upon decision by both the management and the staff (NewStrom , 20003 . Leaders do...

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