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being late and tardy in the army



I . Introduction

People whom always late and tardy does not have a good grasp of time management , yet he /she manages to "be on time for important things They often make the others feel not comfortable , and this is worrying others . Moreover , it can make the people avoid them because of this bad habit

Being late is not always out of disrespect . However , when all the avenues of excuse are blocked , what are we left with ? Now it fulfills my opinion p

II . Discussion

As armies that always have discipline education and training , they should own attitude and habit that discipline too . One of the most important is time discipline . Being late and tardy in the army ? What would people said about this ? It is completely not a good habit especially in the army

Army is custodian of people , nation and state defense . If army is being late and tardy in the action habitually , their safety will be threatened . This matter cans harm the safety of a lot people and even destructing the state itself

Even being late and tardy in the army can be endangering the life of human being . Such as those that are happened lately , oftentimes the tardiness of the army in helping victim of natural disaster in world can cause fatal . The dead body of the victim become more and more , because they army are late in secure and make safe the people ( Ecuador takes time to fight tardy habit

Being Late and tardy in the army also cause the big effect for an event in some states in the world . According to my knowledge , in historical science , some states can take holds of their regional power from colonist successfully , because the colonist 's army is being late in doing military operation in that state ( Ecuador takes time to fight tardy habit

I wonder if those peoples like their jobs and if their jobs keep them interested in their work . Sometimes I think that behaviors from childhood follow us into adulthood ( Got suspended from work

Then do not be late . Simple as that ' This seems a bit like a rapist defending his crime by saying , Do not want to get raped , then do not wear a short skirt . Simple as that ' It is known as victim-blaming Declare the victim deserved it . Make the victim feel guilty and ashamed rather than outraged . It is an effective way to keep victims weak and helpless , and an easy target for future violations ( Late

For the future of nation and the appearance of people 's faith about the importance of the army in arranging their self , hence army has to act more discipline

III . Conclusion

There has to be a reason for being late and tardy too , and it is most likely to be a degree of disrespect for the original appointment . At least , we should let somebody know we are going to be late . In the modern age of communication , there is...

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