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What were the key events that affected public opinion in the Vietnam Conflict and how did these events influenced policy in Vietnam

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History Term : Vietnam

By the end of the Second World War (1939-1945 , a new challenge has risen in the eastern side of the globe , the ' communist forces emerged from World War II strengthened by Soviet (World Almanac 683

The public opinion in United States changed after the end of that war In the months following World War II , US foreign policy was hard to define . To most American , foreign policy meant getting their loved ones home safely from far-away place (Mega 35

The victorious Allied nations held a conference

joined by Axis countries in Potsdam in late July with the participation of Winston Churchill Harry Truman , and Joseph Stalin . They decided that the French would not be permitted to return immediately to Indochina , and that the Indochina peninsula would be divided into two parts along the sixteen parallel (Brocheux 105

Ho Chi Minh , the leader of Vietnam attended the Meeting too , he had a vision for a united Vietnam , but the other leaders present had already decided to break it up into North and South . Some researcher mentioned that , Although Ho Chi Minh never stopped asking the United States to see things his way . The Truman administration had little interest in seeing anything that all . Until the United States truly had a working foreign policy , Ho could not expect a helpful answer from the United States (Mega 38

Tensions were increasing between US and Soviet Union , the communists power was increasing in Asia , US and its allies became worried . The Associated Press reported from Moscow in October 22 , 1947 Col . Gen Andrei A . Zhdanov in a declaration published today called upon Communists and their sympathizers everywhere in the world to join in a battle against what he charged were attempts by the United States to achieve "world domination by American imperialism

America tried to support France in its battles in Indochina : President Harry S . Truman authorized a modest program of economic and military aid to the French , who were fighting to retain control of their Indochina colony , including Laos and Cambodia as well as Vietnam (Rotter

But French need more help , in 1951 , General Jean De Lattre de Tassigny , the over-all commander of French forces in Vietnam , visited the US Congress and made a loud , eloquent appeal on behalf of his government (Mega 44

President Dwight D . Eisenhower undertook instead to build a nation from the spurious political entity that was South Vietnam by fabricating a government there , taking over control from the French , dispatching military advisers to train a South Vietnamese army , and unleashing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA ) to conduct psychological warfare against the North (Rotter

France lost tens of thousands of its troops the war grew out of the long conflict between France and Vietnam . In July 1954 , after one hundred years of colonial rule , France was forced to leave Vietnam (Vassar College

In November 1963 , there were more than 16 ,000 U .S . military advisers in South Vietnam , and more than...

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