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who is jesus christ and what is his mission to the world

Jesus Christ is the Son of Man born of a virgin , and child of the Lord He was born in Bethlehem , in modern day Israel , in the year 0AD , and lived a humble life of poverty . He was a carpenter , in a poor household , and never sought fame or wealth , or anything selfish for himself , and was all-loving . This love and kindness is the reason he suffered such awful pain on the cross , for the purpose of saving all of mankind , and welcoming us with open arms into the Kingdom of Heaven , and

freeing us from eternal condemnation

Throughout his life he stopped raging seas , walked himself upon their water , raised a man from the dead , and fed thousand 's from one boy 's lunch , and yet still rode humbly on a donkey . These miracles have proved to millions of people for the past 2 ,000 years that he is truly the Son of Lord , and the Christ

His mission on earth was simple to share God 's love and goodwill , but this love was so strong that not even King Herod , nor Satan nor any Roman could prevent it spreading throughout the world . Jesus Christ 's desire is for us to all be at one with our Lord , and to accept him into our hearts , and he has promised to be patient , and gentle until we make the final step , and save ourselves...

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