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the invention of the internet has had negative effects on your culture

The Internet Today : Causes and Effects

1996 was the year of Internet . We constantly saw and heard the word "Internet " everywhere last year . The beginning of the Internet was the computer network called ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency ) which started in 1969 and was supported by the Department of Defense in America since they wanted the webbed network which cannot be severed easily . At the beginning , ARPA had been used for the military need and when it became more commercialized , it came to be called 'Internet Accordingly , you can say that the need

of defense caused Internet to begin . Currently , Internet is now changing the concept of nation , the means to communicate with people and even your view of life . Then what should we do to deal with it ? Can we be only a fanatic of Internet or be an anti-Internet ? First , I 'd like to show the positive effects that Internet has caused then , I will move on to the negative side

Maybe you can come up with many positive effects of Internet . First , you can get the latest news on the web anytime everywhere . It must be interesting if students make a good use of the web because what teachers teach you is not always the latest thing . Even though the teacher say something to students , they can reply like this `No , that 's not true Mr . [Blank] , I asked Dr . [Know-it-all] at [Top] University just a few minutes ago on the web , and he said [Blank-sensei is correct information is .] ' You can have an opportunity to keep in touch with things new and what 's happening in the world now . This was not possible a decade ago

Second , Internet is changing the concept of organization or system like a nation , an ethnic group , a company and a network of people . Imagine you are Japanese living in Sweden .you can 't speak Swedish , you don 't have any Japanese friends living your neighboring city . Maybe you 'll become nervous because you can 't get any Japanese news other than the letters from your friends . You don 't have enough money to call Japan since it 's too expensive . Once you get on Internet account , your problem will all be gone ! You can chat with your Japanese friends on the web at a low price and can get any information that you want . Actually , Chinese people living all over the world are now making a network which support them each other on the Internet . For them , Internet is a very practical means to confirm their nationality and unify them as Chinese . You can be one of them (the Chinese ) wherever you are . The bs between countries are fading by Internet in this way

In case of company , the differences between the classes are now fading slowly in Japan . You can say what you want to tell your boss or a company president by sending E-mail directly . Consequently , the relationship among people in the company is changing since you...

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