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Paper Topic:

How to introduce the concept of surface area of a cube in grades 5 and 6

Surface Area of a Cube

Cube is one of the most simple 3-D objects . However understanding the concept of a cube and its surface area can be an ordeal for 5th and 6th graders if the is not taught lucidly , with practical insights and in a logical manner

Students who have to be taught the concept of surface area of the cube need to be taught by using real objects and situations and showing their relationship with geometric concepts in a logical way (McDoniel , M (2008 . This will help students apply themselves logically

in other geometric problems as they will get a thorough understanding of the concept

Home Assignment and Prerequisites

Students need to be given the home assignment of finding out and understanding the formula for the area of a square and how it is derived prior to teaching this concept

Prerequisite skills and knowedge of students essential to understand the concept of surface area of a cube

Arithmetic skills such as addition , multiplication , subtraction division skills

Differences between 3-D objects and 2-D objects such as the difference between a square and a cube

Difference between the area of a 2-D object and the surface area of a 3-D object

Formula for the area of a square and how it is derived

Students can be questioned on all the above prerequisites to judge if the students are prepared to take part in the class . If the response is not satisfactory on any of the prerequisites it is understood...

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