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Is the internet good or bad?

Wolves in Sheep 's Clothing

The People behind the Internet 's Bad Impression

What does the internet implies to us today ? In a simple survey , I learned that most of them have given a bad impression on this technology . When asked why , they all commented differently but came up with one conclusion - that the internet has contributed a lot to the deterioration of humankind 's moral values . However , looking on a different perspective regarding this issue , I 've seen a different thing from most of them . I do believe this technology has

contributed well for the wellness of most people today , whether at school , work or home . And from that firm belief , I have had the research that proves well that behind this technology are those thousand others who benefited from the internet yet have given it a bad impression to other users . J .K . Flor , a regular internet user , said in an article , The internet couldn 't exist today without the diligent hands and brilliant minds of those who created this technology . Therefore , it is also good to understand that without those undisciplined and abusive internet users , the internet wouldn 't have gained its bad impression nowadays

The internet is indeed a wonderful and amazing addition in our lives which is known as a global meeting place where people from all parts of the world come together . It is a service available on the computer through which everything under the sun is now in the fingertips of anyone who has access to it . It also provides opportunities galore which can be used for variety of things such as e-mailing , accessing information , online shopping , downloading , and chatting So how can these things give us the advantage ? Well , e-mail for one is already a great help to connect two peoples apart . With it , anyone can send and receive instant electronic messages . The messages are delivered instantly to people anywhere in the world , unlike the traditional mail that takes a lot of time . The internet also has the virtual treasure trove of information . Any kind of information on any under the sun is available by just few clicks through the search engines in the internet that helps a person to find data on any subject that one needs Aside from that , along with getting information in the internet , you can also do shop online . There are many online stores and sites that can be used to look for product as well as buy them using your credit card With it , you do not have to leave your house for you can simply do all your shopping from the convenience of your home . Aside from that , you can also enjoy the free downloading of innumerable games , music , videos movies and a host of other entertainment software in the internet Perhaps , it is one of the most happening and fun things to do via internet . So what more ? Consider staying in touch with old friends , the access of meeting new people and the...

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