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internet and its effects on human behavior

internet and its effects on human behavior

2007 Internet and its Effects on Human Behavior


The maturity of communications and internet technologies has spawn a new model of the world 's economy , bless economy . The terminology refers to the existence of cross-nations or even cross-continents trade and commerce . Under such circumstances , in internet era , companies need to remember that a corporate website is inherently global since when a company launches a Web site , it is accessible by worldwide audiences

All above information are facts about the development of telecommunication

technologies . Thanks to the improvement and maturity in networking technologies that helps people to communicate one to another across the cities , lands , or even continents

In addition to the impacts of telecommunication tech , I found that the Internet has both advantages and disadvantages . Because roles of the technology have been increasingly dominant , we are demanded to consider both the positive and negative side of the internet

Concerning the issue , in this , we will discuss the internet and its effects on human behavior , specifically the discussion focuses on trend , including speculation on its broader significance . Since internet-driven trends are vast , this only consider two interesting trends they are portability and the internet opportunity data communication , and sociological impact of the Internet on American adults

Portability and Internet Opportunity

The development of electronics industry has provided human beings with new tools to communicate . Mobile phones , iPod , and notebook computer are some portable gadgets that help people to change the way they communicate with friends and family , especially in the internet era . The situation suggests that portable products have significant impacts on changing human behavior

According to Dennis Kennedy (2007 , the fifth trend in internet era is portability that immediately becomes a significant issue . For examples portability issue helps lawyers to work with clients and complete their works from anywhere . Furthermore , internet also marks the growth in lawyers ' profession as they realize the advantage of Internet tools and opportunities that other professions have obtained for years

Internet and New Method of Communication

Data communication has virtually reached any countries all over the world and the number of users of such services has increased significantly . In this situation , any carriers at any countries can deploy exactly similar data communication technology and equipment and provide similar data services

The invention of enabling tools like short message services (SMS instant messaging (IM , and other data communications have driven the increasing trends of internet traffic . This is because current technologies work under internet technology

The situation is true since in some parts of the world , the growing of data communication experiences the surge in the only data traffic ever been , SMS (short message service , followed with GPRS and 3G in recent months and soon with the coming of the fourth generation (4G ) in the near future (Prabudi , 2002

Those technologies do not advance the voice call technology but focus on developing and making faster internet connection . For example , GPRS was officially launched , users can obtain...

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