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Paper Topic:

information literacy influences scholar, practitioner and leaders in business


Challenges brought by Information Literacy

How to benefit scholarship , practice , leadership in business and education


The Information Technology age has brought unprecedented challenges to the American

society in the form of ever increasing tidal wave of information Technological advances

are being made to store , organize and access this information . All the people in the

American society have the right to use this information for personal and business growth

in the rapidly advancing social , political and economic environment Information literacy

is vital to America

's democratic well-being and it 's sustainable global competence in the

years to come . However , the problem is that this information base is available to people

with money or acceptable institutional affiliations . This essay explores and recommends

possibilities to utilize information literacy in benefiting scholarship practice , leadership

in business and education

Importance of Information Literacy

Producing an information literate citizenry would mean producing citizens who have

learned how to learn . Such a citizen should be able to recognize locate , evaluate and use

information when needed . It is therefore required that schools and colleges incorporate

the concept of information literacy in their learning programs . To quote an example

young people should have access to good information sources when they decide which

college to choose or when to become sexually active . Problems become easier to

solve when people have access to vital information for good decision making

Information literacy should be spread to all segments of society especially to the

economically backward , illiterate adults and those with English as the second language

Information literacy is surely empowerment these days . U .S . Secretary of Education

Terrell Bell once wrote that there is a danger of the formation of an Information Elite

in our country . On the other hand business executives have their share of concerns

regarding information management . It is equally difficult to manage an enterprise

with too little information than it is to manage with too much . Lack of timely and

accurate information is costing heavily to American businesses

The contribution of Information Literacy in education and business

There is an increasing need for business managers who can handle information well

Information age has actually redefined how businesses are to be conducted . More than

half the U .S . labor force is now ` information workers . The age-old management

concepts like : control , secrecy , ownership , privilege and geopolitics which formed the

part of old management pyramids are now crumbling

Libraries which provide access to information at minimal cost play a key role in

information literacy . Public libraries are a good means to avoid monopoly over

information . It is unfortunate that a quarter of undergraduates spend no time in the library

in the weekends and about 65 percent use the library four hours or less every week . These

statistics reveal that American institutions of learning haven 't been able to acclimatize

their teaching styles to the Information Age . Students receive predigested information

from lectures and textbooks which foster little active thinking or problem solving abilities

in them . Problem solving...

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