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Paper Topic:

Provide information on health, safety and security

health , safety and security



Making health , safety and security practices a major part of the orientation process for new and existing employees . Health , safety and security orientation introduces all employees to the intricacies of , in this case , the travel agency business

Not only is this an opportunity to introduce to all employees to the general practices of the business it also is a great time to outline the companies health and safety policies and procedures

Implementing a clear comprehensive orientation program has a positive and rewarding affect

on the employees and their well being . Research shows a positive impact on employee 's success during their tenure on the job

Providing information on health and safety procedures to new workers at the start of their work life is prudent . In comparison to long time workers , nearly twice the expectancy for new employees to experience an accident on the job likely

It is important to emphasize to employees that they can talk freely about health and safety and that they have an assessable system in place that provides an open transparent conduit by which they can voice their concerns

It is important to provide a formal , scheduled meeting , or even an ad hoc open session to receive regular feedback . Simple forms posted on bulletin board announcing discussions on health and safety issues are encouraged

Summary Steps

Provide a comfort level for employees with health , safety and security questions

Encourage discussion about health , safety and security

Address employee concerns immediately

Promote safe place of work as everyone 's concern

Implement ongoing training in safe and secure methods of work

Encourage employees to implement sound daily health and safety principles

It is critical supervisors and managers to remember health , safety

and security matters are to be regularly discussed . As leaders , they are the first to be notified when this matter is addressed

The desired goal following training and orientation is for employees have knowledge of the following issues : The security operating procedures for their position in the agency . What the procedures are for health , safety and security emergency concerns . Awareness of safety and security procedures for reporting accidents in the work place Possible and hazards present in this workplace . What personal protective equipment should be worn , its location and how do I wear it and maintain it . What to do if there is an emergency or if injured

Roles and responsibilities of staff

Employers and employees

An employer 's principal duty is to take all reasonably practicable steps to protect the health and safety of their employees at the workplace This duty requires employers to provide a healthy and safe working environment

Employers and other people

Employers must take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure other people (such as visitors or members of the public ) at or near the workplace are not exposed to health and safety risks . Employers must establish health and safety management practices to protect these other people

The employer 's duty of care also extends to the work...

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