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how industrialization has affected china

Running Head : Effects of Industrialization in China







Industrialization implies the change in a given territory that impacts both the social and the economic status of the persons in that given territory positively . In involves economic and social changes that leads to modernization of the society . Industrialization is characterized by the high standard technological innovations that enable the manufacture of sophisticated products also the massive utilization of energy . It also involves the change of persons attitudes and perceptions on them leaving

the cultural practises that are regarded being outdated or inappropriate . Industrialization include the establishment of industries that ensure high productivity and the improvement of the citizenry welfare

The addresses the effects of industrialization in China on trade politics , government and economy . It starts by providing the China 's pro , the factors that enhanced industrialization and then lastly the impact of industrialization on the China 's economy , trade . government and politics

China 's Pro

The People 's Republic of China was founded on October 1 , 1949 . It is located in the Asian continent . The country has a population size of 1 .30756 billion , which is 22 of the world 's population . The large portion of the population leave in the rural area , that is 57 .01 of the China 's population . The China 's population dispersion is uneven . There is a high population density in the east of 300 persons per square kilometer compared . The west has a lesser density of 40persons per square kilometer . The country 's average population density is equal to 119 persons per square kilometer . The average number of persons per an household is 3 .7 persons . The age group of 15-64 makes up 67 .2 of the Chinese population , the elderly only comprises 6 .4 of the population and the age group of 14 years and below comprises 26 .4 of the population . The average life span for the population is 70 .8 years , with the male having an average life span of 68 .71 years compared to their female population with an average life span of 70 .8 years

The country recorded a Gross Domestic product of 24661 .9 billion yuan equivalent to 3425 .3 billion US dollars in 2007 . This was a 11 .4 increase compared to the Gross Domestic Product of the previous year 2006 . The country 's economic growth has been above 7 for the consecutive years since 1995 . The manufacturing sector contributes a large portion to the country 's Gross Domestic Product kit than any other sector in the economy , where most of the manufactured goods are meant for exports

China is among the four oldest civilized societies in the world and it has a recorded history of 4000 years . It is rich of culture , that include the cultural relics and historical sites . It is remarkable in terms of the various innovations which originated from China , they include the compass , making , gun powder and printing . These innovations occurred on the process of trying...

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