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Paper Topic:

The important role of foreign direct investment in brunei: current status and future direction

Research Methodology

Problem Statement the Research Questions

The research is aimed at finding out the effects of foreign direct investment in different sectors of economy . Hence the problem statement for the research is

To study the effects of foreign direct investment on the economy of Brunei during last ten years

There are following research questions that are derived from this problem statement and following are the research questions for this study

What is the impact of FDI on imports and exports

What is the impact of FDI on GDP


What is the impact of FDI on government revenue and expenditure

What is the role of FDI in creating jobs

What is the difference between the FDI policies of China , Malaysia Singapore and Brunei

Research Type

This is a qualitative type of research that is aimed at unfolding the impacts of foreign direct investment on different sectors of Brunei economy through the collection of statistical data , facts , figures and theoretical material from different sources . The research study is conducted through using two types of secondary data

The literature review is done for all the available Secondary material available regarding the issues to get a better understanding of the situation . Literature review focuses on the importance of FDI for economic development in general and in the next phase the FDI in the economy of Brunei is studied

Analysis of statistical data is done to underline the linkage between the foreign direct investments and different variables of economy like GDP , government expenditures and revenues , employment position etc

Sources for Data Collection

In Brunei the data on the foreign direct investment is kept by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (DEPD ) that works under the office of prime minister . DEPD is the authentic agency for gathering the data of FDI in Brunei...

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