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How important, do you think, is faith commitment in the teaching of RE?

Running head : Faith commitment and impartment of RE

Faith commitment and impartment of RE

How important , do you think , is faith commitment in the teaching of RE

Shirley Bongbong

University of San Jose Recoletos


Religion Course

July 7 , 2007


Religious education (RE ) helps develop respect for others and combat prejudice practically encouraging sensitivity to those whose faith and beliefs are different from their own . It develops a sense of identity and belongingness that promotes discernment and enables one to flourish individually as they strive to

participate in the surrounding conditions of the global economy . One of the major emphases in RE is the use of stories to express faith and develop self-understanding of their respective religion doctrines and underlying principles through identification with other people 's stories and through life personal experiences

These stories elevates a person 's understanding of people and the significance of life which helps them make sense of their lives into some framework focusing directions shaping influence on who we are displayed by the commitments that we make . On the profound implications of externals of language , dress , and symbols representations in religious pluralism , one is subjected to different ways of conceiving ultimate reality . This fact of course refers to the different ways one experiences reality and the different ways one responds in life to that reality

Encounters on religious pluralism with other human beings inhabiting within the circumference of individual horizons marking range of perception and experience shaped the foundations of their truth and the meaning of the nature of their reality . Teaching RE based on religious faith commitment connotes individualism and in depth loyalty to propagation of personal religious views . How do we regard then the importance of faith commitment in the teaching or RE ? How can a great teacher be a great teacher for RE in the absence of faith commitment Faith commitment precludes beliefs and culture of the instructor methodology used and materials for references . How is it possible to alienate oneself from one 's belief to teaching RE effectively

In some forms of instruction and teaching methodology domestication indoctrination rather than education is predictable outcome of religion propagation agenda . The complexities of individualism and indoctrination confuses faith commitment on RE to faith commitment bracketed in the domains of individual beliefs when studying or teaching religion Explorations on a mix religious faith commitment adversities calls to focus on the relevance of whose faith commitment prevails in RE classroom setting and generalization of participants potential acceptance of personalized views that may fracture traditional foundations to unwanted student susceptibility to influence

Faith commitment and impartment of RE

How important , do you think , is faith commitment in the teaching of RE

Religious Education published in October 2004 established agreed guidelines and national standards for religious education at each key stage level . Leaders from Church of England , Hindu , Sikh , Catholic Muslim , Jewish and Buddhist faith signed a joint agreement to promote the scheme which encourages the teachings of five major religions namely Judaism , Islam...

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