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important discoveries of antoine lavoisier

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Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier : The Father of Modern Chemistry


Due to numerous discoveries made by the men of science , many phenomena in this world are now explicable and comprehensible to the human mind It is because of the efforts of thousands of scientists throughout history that the world becomes no longer an abstract theory , but an actual concept . Fields of chemistry , physics , biology , and more have give great contribution to the development of human knowledge , which leads to remarkable

innovations that have enabled men to take advantage of the resources in his surroundings . One of these accomplished individuals of the scientific community is Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier . He is a man who has proven that man must transcend the boundaries of classic beliefs and search the truth behind every element on this earth (Larson , no page Mattson , no page Orna , no page

With his discovery of the combustion theory , Lavoisier has become successful in disproving the phlogiston theory . This is a revolutionary concept in science as it paved the way for future experiments done by the generations that followed . He was also one of the first chemists to recognize the importance of accurately weighing the substances used in experiments . He also extended and reinterpreted the work of earlier chemists and is considered the founder of modern chemistry . His discoveries pivoted the direction of scientific studies , and challenged the minds of the people in accepting doctrines from the Classical world No longer is science just a theory that has been accepted as explained by the traditional men from Greece . Science has become what mankind knows it today (Larson , no page Mattson , no page Orna , no page

Life Prior his Discovery

On the 26th of August 1743 , Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was born to a wealthy French tradesman . His curriculum at the College Mazarin in Paris , France included subjects of mathematics , astronomy , botany , and chemistry , where he found particular interest in chemistry as aroused by his great teacher , G . F . Rouelle . Although he originally studied law and graduated from the college in the year 1763 , he did not pursue the legal career and instead became a scientist . Therefore , at the age of 21 although fully trained for the legal profession and admitted to the French bar , Lavoisier dedicated his life to science and by 1765 his first scientific was presented to the Academie des Sciences . In 1766 , he received a gold medal for his on the lighting of the streets of Paris . The succeeding year gave Lavoisier the opportunity to accompany his former teacher , Guettard , to a geological survey of France . He gathered and studied specimens for a proposed mineralogist atlas , and in 1768 , constructed the first geological chart of France . At the Academie Royale des Sciences of Paris , Lavoisier conducted his debut lecture on his study regarding gypsum and its calcination into plaster (Antoine Laurent Lavoisier-The Gifted Student , no page . This same year he was nominated associate member of the Academie des Sciences (Larson , no...

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