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Three important changes that occured during the Early modern period 1500-1800 that influenced the course of world history

Three important changes that occurred during the early modern period 1500-1800 that influenced the course of world history

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Three important changes that occurred during the early modern period 1500-1800 that influenced the course of world history

The entire framework of human affairs changed radically in the early modern period . There were numerous important changes in this period of globalization of life . There appeared new-style empires and giant state systems that were destined to govern and control global

political as well as the military affairs . All the important societies of the period underwent internal transformation , for example the changes happened in the Western European society . The early modern period also witnessed the surfacing of the networks of interaction across the world . These developments of the early modern period rearranged the global configuration of the societal power . In the beginning of the early modern period , four major traditions of civilization belonging to the Eastern Hemisphere dominated the entire show (Coedes , 1968 . However , by the end of the early modern period , societies of the West rose up with immense power to catch the entire political and military control over all other societies of the world . All the leading societies of the world underwent important social changes during the early modern era , the most notable transformations happened in the West (Ricklefs , 1981 . All the agricultural societies of the pre-modern civilizations of the West underwent great changes and got transformed into powerful industrial societies by the end of the early modern era . There also happened few notable changes that changed the face of the world societies that existed then . Three important events that contributed to this transformation are the commercialization of societies , the reformations in the world view (period of religious reformations ) and the emergence of the World Economy (and HYPERLINK "http /www .bartleby .com /67 /toc4 .html " \l "s4 .1 .3 .8 " the Exchange of New Products


Commercialization refers to the changes or improvements happening to the regional , national or world economies , the increasing globalization of commercial chain and the growing influence of the Western European states and organizations . Sixteenth century witnessed a big growth in global trade and there appeared the specialized production of manufactured goods that flooded into the markets (Hall , 1985 Commercialization of the economy influenced all spheres of the society Western Europe underwent a big commercial revolution that was the most important feature of the sixteenth century (Hall , 1985 . Global contacts and businesses improved and there occurred great demand for good in Europe . European countries gained several overseas colonies during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries where they located new markets products and raw materials . Gold and silver which were acquired from the Western Hemisphere (Spanish colonies ) monetarized the European national economies and eventually brought the demand and price inflation (Reilly 2004 , pp . 412-503

Economic development and market improvement brought novel strategies of trade and investment which increased the impact of commercialization (Hall , 1985 . Financial institutions like chattered...

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