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The importance of understanding cultural, ethnic and gender differences by managers and professional in a business setting.

For instance a business organization may hire either male or female professionals - depending on business interests and preference - suitable for the position of handling sensitive internal corporate information . A specific combination of male and female professional employees in a particular office department may also be desired

However , an understanding of gender differences not only in terms of gender-related capabilities and limitations as far as a business organization is concerned can lead to gender bias . A business supervisor may be tempted to layoff some of his male or female employees because

of the belief in certain gender-related workplace capacities . The same may be true for an understanding of cultural and ethnic differences Managers , for example , may find themselves hesitant to hire applicants belonging to a certain culture or having a certain ethnicity largely due to the knowledge of the negative aspects of their culture or ethnicity Nevertheless , an understanding of these differences can be of great use for both managers and professionals in the business setting . For the most part , managers will be able to pinpoint the cultural weaknesses of their employees and help them overcome these weak points through proper business training . Professionals may also be able to identify any of their gender-related weaknesses and improve on them while pinpointing their strengths and further enhancing them in to increase their work performance . To be sure , it is not always the case that the understanding of cultural , ethnic and gender differences lead to sound and ethical business decisions . Yet the same understanding can heighten the efficiency and productivity of employees while allowing managers to minimize or prevent internal business conflicts at the same time

The greater task , therefore , is not only to understand the differences among employees in terms of culture , ethnicity and gender but also to appreciate their differences . It...

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