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importance of professionalism


The Importance of Professionalism

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Is there a need to be professional in the many things that people do If you are going to ask an employee in a large corporation the same question , the answer would be obvious . He or she will respond with a yes since his wages and his length of service in the company depends on his professionalism . If he does not act professional enough , there is a high chance that he might not do well in his

work . As a result , he might get fired from his job and might be booted out from other jobs he applies due to his bad track record . What about the average individual ? Does the average person need a sense of professionalism in the simplest of the things that he does

I can think of several reasons why even the average person should be professional in the actions that he or she does in every day life . For one , having that sense of professionalism in the things that we do everyday may tend to condition ourselves to act that way normally . Over the course of time , we become habituated to our professional actuations that we no longer need to think about our actions before we enact them As a result , we will normally act in a professional way in every situation

Perhaps we might become more habituated to becoming individuals with a deep sense of professionalism if we start at a younger age . For instance , training children to behave in a professional way at such a young age can instill in their minds that professionalism should take a major role in our actions . In whatever we do , children will be very much familiar with the thought that we should behave according to what is expected from us . As the child grows older , I reckon he or she will act professionally more and more naturally as if all the while the individual knew that he was acting professionally . It is important to show and teach individuals a deep regard for professionalism even at a young age as it will help them a lot when they grow up and when they enter the world of adults

Another reason why professionalism is important especially for the average individual is that it enables him to those around him or it allows him to meet the expectations of others . More importantly , even the person fails to meet the expectations of other even though he acted professionally , I think the fact that he acted professionally gives him the benefit of being relieved of the heavier stress of being blamed for everything else . For example , I have been asked by my parents to clean the house during the weekend since they will be away for a short business trip . They expect to see the house clean and well-ed by the time they return . They also know that I have an exam in one of my school...

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