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the importance of the music education in the primary schools

Running Head : Music Education

Importance of the Music Education in the Primary Schools

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Importance of the Music Education in the Primary Schools

Music Education

Never before was music as universal as it is in the present age Although a lot of music produced these days is not exactly `music to our ears , as it is loud , has bad lyrics and isn 't very soothing or beneficial to us . This type of music has no emotional and rational value but there is music being produced

which is very beneficial to us as human beings , music can be a way of communication , a mode to find inner peace and a medium to transport the inner bad feelings and negativities to a place far away (Dr . Mirko Slosar , N .P , 1998

Psychologically we compare music with speech , because music too can work as a form of communication . Music is much more expressive and isn 't bound to one language . Music is less rigid than speech . In to understand the language of music its and to benefit from it fully , a child should be taught music in the same way as his /her mother 's tongue all through the time period he /she learns all the other general education (Dr . Mirko Slosar , N .P , 1998

Benefits of Teaching Music Education in the Primary Schools

Research has shown that music in schools both primary and secondary gets much less attention than other subjects . It doesn 't enjoy the same status in the curriculum which other subjects like English , Math and the other Science subjects do , to say its ' neglected would be an understatement . Yet even though it is neglected by many schools , the sense of music and the listening habits can be taught and developed in any student

Music education brings out the creative principles in students and helps them to feel more in touch with their emotions . It also plays an important role in developing intellect in a person as well as higher mental cognitive functions . Researches and stats have proved that music has shown positive affects on the success rates of school going students . Results of more recent studies on connections between the student 's psychophysical development and music are emphasizing the need of music education in to enhance a child 's emotional , physical and cognitive development , which is also known as the relationship between the right and the left hemisphere of the brain . Music also helps in developing personal identity of children . Music activates many emotional processes in students which in turn persuades and encourages them to take much better interest in all the other subjects . Music helps in relaxing students and decreases stress . Music can help in mixing students with special needs into schools for regular students . Music can be used effectively to make environment of a school healthy , positive and encouraging to work and excel in academically as well as musically (Dr . Mirko Slosar , N .P , 1998

The basic music education at...

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