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The impact of seperation and divorce on parenting and child development

A Case Study on the Impact of Separation and Divorce on

Parenting and Child Development

The family is ideally the best social support system that would take care of the child and help it develop into a good human being . When the family structure changes , emotional , psychological and financial problems occur and affect everyone within the family . Parental separation and divorce are common nowadays and it has adverse effects on children , adults and society as a whole (Mullock , 2002 ) but only 20 to 25 percent suffer significant adjustment problems as teenagers and

into adulthood such as mental health problems , impaired educational attainment , socioeconomic and family well-being (National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH] , 2002

Approximately 50 to 60 percent of all children that turned 18 in 1990 have been affected by divorce (Miller , Ryan Morison , 1999 ) and about 1 .5 million children experience the divorce of their parents each year (NIMH , 2002 . Divorce-related problems are also ongoing sources of stress to children , even up to eight years after the initial separation (Miller , Ryan Morison , 1999 . In most cases , however , children initially experience the separation as stressful (Hetherington Stanley-Hagan Anderson , 1989 . How the parents deal with the separation and parenting the children affects their child 's development The children normally go through socio-emotional problems and needs after their parents ' separation /divorce (Poortman Seltzer , 2005 Sometimes the effects are reflected in their classroom behavior (Miller Ryan Morison , 1999 . A case study of Mr . Roberts separation with his children 's mother and how his separation affected his parenting with his sons , and its impact on his kids will be used to analyze the approaches used for children 's coping with separation and the effects of separation and divorce on parenting and child development

The case of Mr . Roberts is not the typical separation /divorce case that most people would think of . His two sons did not turn out to be the stereotype problematic child of a divorced parent , rather they were the complete opposites . They are both gentlemen , very nice , outgoing , have many friends , they engage in several sports , they are close to their family and have high grades . His oldest son is a senior student at a prominent university and is a student leader he is also in the top 10 percent of his graduating batch . His youngest son is currently enrolled in a private high school , has good grades , a good set of friends and is into sports . His two sons are part of the statistics of children that adapt well to divorce however , the oldest son was a bit anti-social and did not talk much to anyone right after divorce and prior to high school

Mr . Roberts was also not married to his partner . They just lived together for nine years and in these nine years his partner gave birth to his two sons . By law , they are common-law partners (Legal Services Society of B .C . [LSBC] , 2007 . It is said by Poortman and Seltzer (2005 that couples with young children...

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