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Paper Topic:

immigration/racism/human rights

The Universal Human Rights Declaration , Article 2 and the American Immigration Issue of Secure Bs


The purpose of this is to examine the Universal Human Rights Declaration , specifically Article 2 which sets forth clear guidelines of how each human being on the planet have rights regardless of race color , sex , language , religion , political or other opinion , national or social origin property , birth or other status (Universal Human Rights Declaration . With this framework in mind , I thought it important that it must be explored how much of the Declaration is outdated

and no longer applied to modern life issues like immigration , national security and technology . I chose to discuss the Universal Human Rights Declaration within the context of American issues happening today such as the Secure Bs Initiative and changing policies toward immigration . The main crux of this essay is to wonder how the United Nations can continue to enforce Article 2 when such injustices happen not only worldwide but also in the United States a country that is founded on the premise that all men are created equal . It is because of such ideas to close the American bs and build a wall that reinforces the notion that the Universal Human Rights Declaration is outdated and needs restructuring to reflect changing times due to free economies and innovations that make the world a smaller place . Granted it can be argued that events like September 11 , 2001 have changed the way Americans view the world and ideologies in place to protect the American way of life still wasn 't the American way of life created by immigrants ? Does the country not desire to evolve with the changing times or will paranoia stop such growth . This cannot answer all these questions but it can look at Article 2 and examine America 's changing policies with regards to immigration and national security

Article 2 of the Universal Human Rights Declaration is very clearly written to allow the same rights for every person , no exceptions . The purpose of such a provision is to ensure that every person is treated fairly by his or her government or any other governing nation . It is meant to send a message that one 's uniqueness does not hinder one 's rights . People will not be subjected to mistreatment because of differences . In fact people should rejoice in his or her differences celebrate that we are not all alike and think of differences as an advantage . Still as the world becomes a smaller place in which to live and thrive , many things have changed , so should the Declaration . One would think this is an appropriate assumption . The same message should be voiced , however , in a stronger tone that behaviors promoting man inhumanity to man will not be tolerated . Is it an issue of not being able to enforce accountability ? Is there not the manpower ? Why is it with such a clear definition of human rights , people are still unfairly treated ? The Declaration has not been enforced...

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