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human relations


Child development refers to an individual 's progress from birth to adulthood . There are several changes that occur in a normal person 's life span-physical , cognitive and psychosocial (Fitch , 1999 ,

. 9 . The three form the domains of child development . Physical development refers to the changes that occur in the individual 's body , such as height , weight , sensory and motor abilities , as well as the hormonal changes (p .9 . On the other hand , cognitive development alludes to the intellectual changes that occur as children develop (p . 9 . As children grow

, they start to develop attitudes about themselves and their surroundings . As they continue to search for their identity , their psychosocial development also unfolds

There are different theories that tackle child development . Stage theories are theories that concentrate on developmental levels that are quantitatively different ' from other levels (p .40 . Quantitative , in this sense , means that each developmental level is a progression , an integration of previous behavior and information (p . 40 . Furthermore the progression from one stage to another is discontinuous , indicating that it follows a fixed sequence (pp .40-41 . Theorists who subscribe the stage theories of child development believe that all stages are universal (p . 41

There are three major theorists in child development : Sigmund Freud Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget

Sigmund Freud is considered the father of psychoanalysis (Thornton 2006 . Psychoanalysis is a technique developed by Freud that is used to uncover the unconscious (Morris and Maisto , 2002 ,

.15 . A medical doctor by profession , Freud was...

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