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What do you hope to achieve in your personal and professional life after college and why do you feel a college degree will help you in those achievements?


Personal and Professional Goals and Education

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There are several things that I hope to achieve with regard to my personal and professional path that are important for me as a person . In the achievement of these goals , I see a college education as an important factor with an equally important role to play . It is seen as a strong foundation that will serve as the ladder for higher aspirations

p The list of my professional goals includes numerous things . First , I would want to be able to immerse myself into a career in the accounting field . In terms of education , I would want to be able to obtain higher levels where I want to end up with a doctorate degree in Accounting . The college degree which I will obtain in college will be my solid grounds for this particular goal . It is my stepping stone which will lead me to a deeper study of the said field where I am able to acquire appropriate knowledge in understanding the discussions in the next levels which I am to undergo to attain this goal . Without a strong and relevant background to accountancy , there is an uncertainty as to whether I will be able to complete it as easily if I had the background I am learning today

Second , it is also a great desire to be able to have the chance to join the labor force and become a productive citizen . It has been noted by McGuire (n .d , that US has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge ' which is a statement that proves that there is more which is required to get a good and decent job . The doors that are opened by having good education prove to be worth all the time and effort spent in obtaining it . Most of the jobs nowadays require a college degree and this is matched by the set of people who are able to obtain a degree , which gives rise to a tighter competition (Carnevale Gainer , 1993 . With such competitive grounds it is necessary to have an equal if not more notable qualifications that are to be together with good characteristics and qualities that will enable a holistic person

Likewise , these professional goals are coupled with personal goals First , it is dire important , from a personal standpoint , to become financially stable and to be able to enhance economic mobility for me and my children . In recent studies , it was found out that economic mobility became difficult as compared to before (Waldron , 2007 . It has also been said that in lieu of this , it is good education that serves as the key for the ease in economic mobility (Eckholm , 2008 . That being said , it is important for me to be able to obtain a college degree and this would also be the same for...

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