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Homesickness , also called nostalgia , is the feeling of missing being at home , in familiar surroundings . Students who have recently left for college may feel it . Anyone who has recently moved , or who is on vacation (especially away from family ) may feel it . It is very normal to experience homesickness . For many people , homesickness can lead to some great advantages in their new situations . For others , it can become very rough . In general , though , homesickness is something everyone experiences from time and to time and is a good motivator for change


first advantage to homesickness is that it forces people to stay busy . Busyness allows people to be involved in lots of different activities , and explore their new area . When a person is very busy they don 't have much time to dwell on their sad feelings , and they feel happier (Hitti . Being so busy may not leave much time for old friends however . Sometimes missing old friends isn 't a bad thing

Everyone has that ' friend . The friend who is much more a taker than a giver , and who actually annoys them . Most people don 't have the heart to cut ties with this person when they are seeing them everyday However , if a person has recently moved away permanently , and is not just on vacation , it can be easy to cut ties with old friends who aren 't so good for them (Jackson . Once a person has cut ties with some friends , it 's time to make some new ones

New friends are people who are going through exactly the same thing , at the same time , and who share any new interests a person may have . Being homesick is easily combated when a person decides to go out and make some new friends , because then the new area seems more familiar , and the person has a new life (Homeier . New friends aren 't the only advantage of homesickness , though . Being able to pick up new activities is also fun

Back in the old town or school , a person may have been defined in a particular way - a jock , a cheerleader , a loser . But a new place allows a chance to become a new person . Instead of feeling homesick for what was , a person can realize that this is actually a brand new chance to be who they always dreamed of being . However , to be able to take advantage of any of these positives , a person must have gotten over the negative side of homesickness (Homeier

It is not always easy to overcome the initial feelings of homesickness which may include loneliness , sadness , anxiety , and longing . A person who is homesick may internalize their feelings and not take advantage of their new surroundings , and may become depressed , more anxious , lost and feel as though they are going crazy . Preparation for leaving before actually moving may help , like spending the night away from home just for one or two days (Thurber . According to Muller , Leaving home may initiate a grief...

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