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The Mankind 's Triumph

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The Mankind 's Triumph

The most important person in human history , in my opinion is Alexander the Great , who is the one that had lead one of the biggest ancient empires that had span or ruled three continents , Asia , Europe and Africa . His contribution to the human civilization is still remembered by us not only with the remaining historical records about his legacy but he is also remembered because he had been the

way on how would the three continents would assimilate their unique cultures through the so called Hellenistic Period . As compared to other rulers of other empires he had excelled among them because he let the culture of his conquered nations to develop together with the culture his original territory has in to make a diversity or richness in culture of his whole empire Normally , other rulers would not permit a similar action Alexander had done because they believe that his own culture is superior enough to other 's culture that is why he had successfully conquered them

The appearance of the Homo Sapiens would be the most important event of all for me since without it , we , humans would had not reached this point of time wherein we could think and learn so many various things to further develop our way of living . As a believer of the Evolution theory which is the scientific proof for the development of mankind , I would really suggest that the appearance of Homo Sapiens is the most important event of all since it is the root of all triumphs of man ever since we had resided here on earth

The difference in the development of cultures of Eurasia and Africa as compared to America would answer the question why the peoples of the first explored and settled the latter before peoples of the latter had explored the first . Because my perspective could only rely with the written history available , I would of course incline into the notion that Eurasia and Africa had developed a greater culture than America Starting from the Mesopotamian Empires Period up to the Pre-Exploration Era , history does not know that there is another continent that exist beside Europe , Asia , and Africa . And because of the curiosity of people in these continents , they had been able to reach this other side of the world . Vikings were the one that is thought to had first settled the Americas and as for now I had not yet read any article concerning with an earlier event that the Americans had settled into Eurasia and Africa ever since the Pangaea landmass had divided

Three of the key reasons for the success of various ancient empires were having been military conquest , trade and assimilation . Hittite had only been powerful with their conquering of other territories . These acquired territories would then supply their deficient resources to sustain the empire 's growth especially of their military strength . They...

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