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`Jim Crow ' was the system which attempted to differentiate between Blacks and Whites . This system , which consisted of anti black rhetoric and segregation legislations , preached the superiority of the white race over the Blacks . Jim Crow succeeded in achieving the aim of reducing Blacks into second class citizens

Jim Crow system was mostly found in the southern and the B States of America . This system existed during the period between 1877 and 1960 During this period , the white supremacists preached that Whites are superior to Blacks , and in to perpetuate

this superiority Whites need to maintain purity of their race . By maintaining any kind of contact with Blacks , white people may lose their superiority , as this contact would lead to social and sexual intercourse which may be detrimental to the American society . Based on this argument , Blacks were asked not to touch Whites and not to enter the places inhabited by white people . According to these norms , Blacks and Whites were not supposed to eat together (Pilgrim 2000

During the hey day of Jim Crow system , there was the introduction of Jim Crow laws , also known as black codes which excluded Blacks from public transport facilities , jobs , and other privileges . The constitutional amendments had guaranteed the civil rights of Blacks . However , after 1877 , the southern states introduced series of laws which affected Black population . In the Plessey v . Ferguson case , the court also upheld the right of the state to create two separate systems for Blacks and Whites This further encouraged the government and White population to exploit Blacks . Jim Crow laws such as `separate car law ' prohibited social interaction between the people belonging to two races . Those Blacks who opposed Jim Crow laws were attacked by Whites (Pilgrim 2000

These details show that the Jim Crow system achieved its aim of excluding Blacks from the public life in America , and Blacks were given second class citizen status


Pilgrim , David (2000 . What Was Jim Crow ? Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia

Ferris State University . Available at

Accessed on 4 June 2006



Jim Crow...

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