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RUNNING HEAD : Reflection on the History of USA

Reflection on the History of USA


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Years after the Civil War and the Reconstruction , the United States of America developed and transformed into a modern and thriving industrial nation . This will examine the course of USA 's development , the ideologies that motivated it , and the costs it incurred and the opportunities it created for the people of that generation . This will pay especially close attention to the worldview of different groups of people

during this turbulent period . Because the chronological period (1877-1920 ) is so brief , this will conduct its analysis thematically and ally . Since this is a reflective , towards the conclusion , it will try to answer the question What does "modernization " really entail


The problems facing the United States of America in the late 19th century gave rise to the country 's progressive and modernization movement . However , the nation focused mostly on the problems that were arising from the urbanization , increasing immigration , rapid industrialization , and corruption in the world of politics and business Some of the problems faced by the nation from 1877 to 1920 still exist today . One was the dilemma as to how the country can maintain the benefits of materials that flowed during the industrial revolution while at the same time , bringing the forces capable of creating and generating those benefits by managing economic opportunity and under the democratic control . The other problem was the issue on...

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