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How could history be different if Reconstruction had been successful in the south?






Reconstruction of south in the history of America 's entails correction of the tragedies emanating from the devastating civil war of 1861 Although United State military was able to silence the confederate rebels , there was a lot to be done since the nation came out of this war worse off . The civil war was a bitter herb for southerners after war They had lost the beloved family members and to make the matter worse the war left many of them disabled i .e . people

were left with missing limb (s , deafened , blinded or other body deformities

The death toll from the Civil War was at least over 600 ,000 . Several times this number was maimed . The casualty toll was well over a million Civilian deaths and injuries also occurred but we do not know precisely how many . Several million casualties out of a national population of 31 ,443 ,321 was horrendous . No war before or since fought by the United States wreaked such human damage (Mabry , para 2

The war emanated from South Carolina decision to secede from American union after the election of Abraham Lincoln base on anti slavery policy . After the south was defeated , a major reconstruction was done . For example , in South Carolina African American slaves as well as poor whites were freed hence benefiting from the reconstruction . Initially African American were not allowed to marry legally , reconstruction gave this freedom together with setting up a stable family . African Americans could now legally marry , and they set up conventional and usually stable family units they quietly seceded from the white churches and formed their own religious organizations , which became centers for the African American community (http /www .britannica .com /eb /article-77792 /United-States para . 2 Reconstruction came with social change as slavery was a thing of past African American who came from war and participated in the United State Army were armed something whites were not taking kindly . There was a social quagmire as white thought blacks would continue working as farm laborer as they used to do before the war which was a different expectation from African Americans . White could not come in term with the fact that free labor they used to get from slaves in no longer there . Social problem of accepting freed blacks was just but a part of the major social problem emanating from the reconstruction efforts The physical destruction from the war was sizable . Bridges were destroyed , railroad tracks ripped up , buildings burned or damaged factories gone , work horses and mules killed or injured , and other physical assets destroyed or gone (Mabry , para 6 , hence the need of reconstruction

Reconstruction process started at the end of war with the blessings of the President Abraham Lincoln through introduction of Reconstruction and the passing of the Reconstruction Act done under rule of President Andrew Johnson . The Reconstruction Act aimed at giving the rebel states after war , a more efficient government . The Act was geared toward ensuring legal government existed...

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