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The historical accuracy of the movie Alexander (2004)

However there is no mention of Alexander other than that he was named king and at all of Hephaestion

The Taming of Bucephalus

Oliver Stone 's film depicts a very close relation between Alexander and his horse Bucephalus , stemming from when Alexander was a child and first tamed the horse that his father could not ride . Though the story has been dramatized over time , it does have roots in historical fact and the taming of the horse did occur in much the same way that it appeared in the film . Philonicus

offered the horse , which Alexander later named Bucephalus , to Philip for a reported thirteen talents . When Philip tried the horse , the horse balked and Philip deemed the horse unmanageable . Young Alexander witnessed this exchange and was very impressed with the spirit of the horse

I could manage this horse ' replied he , better than others do

And if you do not ' said Philip , what will you forfeit for your rashness

I will pay ' answered Alexander , the whole price of the horse (Wilcken 1967

Though the prince was laughed at by the assembled men , Alexander wagered with his father for the price of the horse if he were able to successfully manage the animal . Philip accepted the wager and the child quieted the horse who was previously extremely temperamental and violent before mounting the horse unaided and riding full speed on the horse who minded Alexander . Philip was thrilled at his son 's success and proudly proclaimed him as not only his son , but also the future king of Macedonia (Tarn 2003 . Though this exchange has been turned into a bit of a hero 's myth story , it appears in many different books which are held in high regard among historical scholars , including Tarn 's Alexander the Great . The continued appearance...

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