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Running Head : HEALTHCARE Final Report Project in Healthcare

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Most countries have a medical workforce of one-third specialists and two-thirds generalists . The ratio is just the opposite in the US . The ideal is to achieve an equal number of generalist and specialist physicians . How do you think the change will affect the trio of concerns : costs , access , and quality

One big issue facing U .S . physicians today is the current status that specialists

outnumber generalists by nearly 2 to 1 . Even those who are not persuaded of an oversupply of physicians generally agree that an imbalance exists between the number of specialists and generalists , or in physician distribution (Schwartz and Mendelson 1990 Cooper 1995 Hence , an ideal physician distribution should be achieved , that is there should be an equal number of generalist and specialist physicians This change would greatly affect the trio of concerns : costs , access and quality

Costs . With regards to costs , this balance would somehow lower the health expenditures . Health care costs would be controlled rather well In spite (or perhaps because ) of this balance , there would be success on the cost front , less Americans would still lack insurance coverage , and concerns about overall quality will be less accentuated by the sharp increase in the use of strict managed care techniques to control utilization . This will be less trade-off between costs on the one hand and access and quality on the other but will still continue to generate as the major tension in health care policy for the foreseeable future

Access . Once universal health insurance coverage is achieved , this balance would likely aid in addressing equity-of-access issues . This is because many analysts believe that one of the major barriers to controlling health care costs is exactly this lack of universal coverage . This is not only because it makes it difficult for poor and sick people to seek preventive care but also because it fragments the financing system , requiring the existence of an expensive safety net as well as aggravating the problem of cost shifting

Quality . There is little question that establishing and preserving quality in health care has become the leading issue in health care Hence , when physician distribution balanced is achieved , it would help ensure a high-quality , cost-effective product for patients

As a conclusion , the problems of access , cost , and quality have varied historically for segments of the U .S . population because of their special needs and how the health care system has responded to those needs . With optimism , it is likely that the nature of the problems faced by different groups will likely change , given major alterations in the way health services are organized such as achieving the ideal equal number of generalist and specialist physicians

Why don 't providers in the health care system recognize a broader social mission than addressing the needs of only those individuals who achieve access to their services

It is for a sad fact that the US is...

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