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health promotion

Pamphlet : Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an easily avoided , debilitating health issue that affects thousands of people each year . Lyme disease is spread by the bite of the deer tick or other similar ticks . Although it was once thought of as merely a rural issue , Lyme disease is now appearing more frequently in urban areas . According to Manku , Seifeldin , and Hemady (2005 , ticks may get their initial blood meal from an infected reservoir host , such as white-footed mice , birds , rodents , bats armadillos , and other small mammals ' all of which form a link in

the Lyme disease cycle (p . 21 . This increase in urban incidents make Lyme disease an ever-increasing threat to urban health , particularly in that some of the population outside of rural areas might not be aware of the disease or its cause . For this reason , the pamphlet on Lyme disease was selected for analysis

Pamphlet Layout

This pamphlet has a tri-fold format . It is primarily in black and white both text and illustrations however , the title of the pamphlet is green . The illustrations convey the intent of the pamphlet very effectively : the cover consists of two people in a field watching wildlife , the back of the pamphlet portrays a leaping deer , and the inside of the pamphlet contains an illustration of a lone star tick which is the vector for the disease . All of the illustrations are attractively done , or at least are tastefully done , in the case of the tick . The s within the text are set off from each other by blocks of white text set on black background that spans the width of the column . The pamphlet text is easy to read , both in size and in font

Content Quality

The quality of the content is high , being concise and still providing sufficient information for the reader to improve his or her understanding of the . The content has a great deal of depth and breadth for its limited length . As suggested in Ivnik and Jett (2008 this pamphlet provides information that the reader needs to know , rather than merely providing information that is nice to know (pp 1038-1039 . The pamphlet 1 ) describes both the condition and the treatment , 2 ) provides a decision-making tool , 3 ) uses personal pronouns in an active voice , and 4 ) explains medical jargon in context , among other things (Ivnik Jett , 2008 . All of these things create high quality content overall

Reading Level , Clarity Examples

This pamphlet is very easy for an adult to read with only an average reading level , at least by individuals who are fluent in English . The steps between the questions are small , starting with the nature of Lyme disease , its cause , and its signs and symptoms . The arrangement of the questions leads the reader to follow a line of reasoning about the illness , which may enable them to determine whether they should seek a doctor 's care or not . Both the text and the progression should be easy to follow for most individuals who read the pamphlet...

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