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what health problems are associated with insufficient and excess vitamin A intake? Is vitamin A intake a major problem for Canadians?

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Vitamin A has a distinction of being the first fat-soluble vitamin to be recognized

. It may be one of the most versatile because of its role in several body processes . Up to a year 's supply of Vitamin A may be stored in the body , 90 percent of it in the liver . If you stop eating good food sources of the vitamin , deficiency symptoms will not begin to appear until after your stores are depleted

Insufficiency of Vitamin A is common in developing countries . Vitamin A deficiency is often accompanied by a severe zinc deficiency it is because zinc is needed to make retinol binding protein which transports vitamin A . Therefore , a deficiency in zinc limits the body 's ability to move vitamin A stores from the liver to body tissues

There are several conditions which result from insufficient intake of Vitamin A . First is night blindness . In a condition known as keratomalacia , there is irreversible drying and degeneration of the cornea causing blindness . Second , deficiency of Vitamin A lessens the ability of the body to fight infections because of weakened immune system ability . In countries where such deficiency is common and immunization programs are limited , millions of children die each year from complications of infectious diseases such as measles . In vitamin A-deficient individuals , cells lining the lungs lose their ability to remove disease-causing microorganisms . This may contribute to the pneumonia associated with vitamin A deficiency . Thirdly , Vitamin A deficiency in children may increase children 's risk of developing respiratory and diarrheal infections , decrease growth rate , slow bone development , and decrease likelihood of survival from serious illness Moreover , a deficiency can occur when vitamin A is lost through chronic diarrhea and through an overall inadequate intake , as is often seen with protein-energy malnutrition . Low blood retinol concentrations indicate depleted levels of vitamin A . This occurs with vitamin A deficiency but also can result from an inadequate intake of protein , calories , and zinc , since these nutrients are needed to make RBP . Iron deficiency can also affect vitamin A metabolism , and iron supplements provided to iron-deficient individuals may improve body stores of vitamin A and iron . Lastly , excess alcohol intake depletes vitamin A stores . Also diets high in alcohol often do not provide recommended amounts of vitamin A . It is very important for people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol to include good sources of vitamin A in their diets

On the other hand , excessive intake of Vitamin A would result to a condition known as Hypervitaminosis A . It refers to high storage levels of vitamin A in...

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