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U.S. health care delivery system continuum

Running Head : US Health Care Delivery System Continuum

US Health Care Delivery System Continuum

[Name of Student]

[Name of School or Teacher] I . Introduction

A situationer of the current US Health Care Delivery System currently in place

Question : How does the US health care delivery system compare with the rest of the other first world countries like Canada and Sweden and other countries in Europe

II . Various components of the health care delivery system

General paragraph on long term care , home care , in-patient care out-patient care , mental health

care , occupational health , school health , etc

Specific transition paragraph on in patient care

III . Describe the health care delivery component 's role in providing services and how it contributes to or lacks contribution to the overall management of health care resources . Include its role in transitioning patients from one level to another level of care in the health care continuum

3 .1 Current in-patient care delivery system in the US

3 .2 Are the services delivered enough

3 .3 How does in-patient care contribute to the transition of the patients to other levels of care - i .e . home care transition

3 .4 Factors to consider in transition

- women in the workforce (economic and social

- work required during transition

- environment

- globalization of health services

- generation variables

3 .5 Factors affecting delivery of health care



quality of delivery

Take note of possible policy and market solutions and the viability of each

Introduction The US Health Care Delivery System continues to be a debacle among federal and state legislators . Since the first attempts to change and overhaul the system in the early 1990s , nothing much has changed . What is new and what has evolved so far from the efforts of both legislators health service providers and other stakeholders are the sprouting of other sub-systems ' in an effort to move away from the ineffectiveness of the current rigid systems that had left millions of Americans without health insurance coverage and without access to an effective health care system delivery

The current health care delivery systems in place consist primarily of the health maintenance organizations or the HMOs and the provider organizations or the PPOs . Recent years saw the sprouting of other forms of partnerships between health care service providers and other stakeholders in the health industry . As a result , we now have the managed care organizations or the MCOs , and doctor lead point of service or POS products in an effort to provide a wider range of choice to health care access and delivery by the consumers or the American public Others still continue to evolve like the provider sponsored organizations or PSO , integrated service networks or the ISNs integrated care service networks or ISNs , and community care networks or CCNs

Whatever form of delivery is chosen by the individual patient though the goal of the continuing evolution of health care provision and delivery should be to provide better access and quality of care to the American Public...

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