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The green house effect

Running Head : Green House Effects







In the past days and years the question about nuclear waste as a means of dealing with green house effects have been very common and it might need some form of ethical answers such as justice and equity . But so many questions normally rise from this argument which brings forth the discussion of whether the storage and production of nuclear wastes is irresponsible or responsible . A green house is a structure where plants are grown and

is constructed using glass or plastic materials on the walls and the roof . Solar radiation that comes from the sun heats up the structure warming soil ,plants and all other things that are inside the structure . The warmed air is normally retained in the green house by the roof and the walls . Green house effects is the rise in temperature experienced by the earth caused by certain gases like water vapor carbon dioxide , nitrous oxide and methane . These gases are in the atmosphere and they trap energy from the sun to warm up the earth . The process occurs naturally and it helps in heating up the atmosphere and the earth surface . Too much of everything is poisonous ,if the effects of green house becomes too strong , it would make the earth too warm than the usual . A little extra warming may bring problems for animals , plant and human living on the earth

The Ethical Theory on Green House Effects

Ethics is a field that explores the study on morals . Ethics is also describe as consideration of responsible actions systematically . Note that nuclear waste has been named as the main solution for green house effects . In the past , the question on nuclear waste storage has involved ethical and technical questions . Coward , 1993 , states that , there are three ethical theories that can be applied in the discussion of green house effects . The theories are , Utilitarianism , Kantian ethics and Ethics of virtue


This is an elaborate theory that states that people normally take account of the harm or benefits produced by their actions . The theory argues that what gives good is important and very useful in our lives but that which produces bad is harmful and not needed in our lives Maximizing social benefits is emphasized in this theory . Good is described as that which gives us pleasure and makes us happy Utilitarianism gives an important social goal of maximizing social benefits . As far as nuclear waste is concerned the question of the extends of sacrifices in terms of deaths caused by radioactivity for example cancer , the society have to make for economic growth and wealth needs to be considered . From the Utilitarianism point of view there is no risk that is an acceptable solution when the action is against a given group of people

Another point is , all risks are acceptable when done to gain some economic consequences . A boundary has to drawn to show where acceptability boundary is . The problem with the utilitarianism...

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