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If you were granted one wish, what would that wish be and why?

Running Head : MY ONE WISH

My One Wish (Name (University (Professor (Subject and Section (Date

My One Wish

I want so many things in life . This signifies that , in my opinion , there are several things lacking in my current condition and status . I believe that there are others who felt the same way . Thus , when asked about a particular wish that could be granted , I found it hard to single out the most appropriate wish that I want . Nevertheless , after several hours of contemplation and reflection , I decided that `my one wish

' would be to become a genius

The process of choosing this particular wish is not as easy as it seems Like most humans , I acknowledge the fact that my desires are insatiable Every time I gain something , I end up wanting more . I demand to get something better than what I already have . Indeed , men always aspire for the things that they don 't have . This realization served as my initial criterion for `my one wish . I realized that my wish should be something that can give me more and that can improve what I already have

To give me a better impression about the best possible wish I should wish for , I asked some of my friends regarding their own wishes . Most of them want to have an unlimited source of money . Who would not want that I , myself , consider money with utmost importance since it is a means to acquire several other things . theless , what will...

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