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Should the government promote marriage






It has been generally acknowledge that family is the basic unit of a society and marriage is the very foundation of the family . Through time the meaning and the very institution of marriage is being challenged by the changes in the trend in the society . This will present the importance of marriage and will set out reasons why the government should support the very foundation of family- marriage


It is widely recognized that family is the basic unit

of a society Undoubtedly , family has an indispensable function in the society Individuals that exist in this world came from a family . According to Free Dictionary , family is the fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children , sharing goals and values and resides usually in one dwelling . Throughout the years , a family is build upon a marriage of the father and mother

Marriage has been defined in one federal state statute that as the union between one and woman , living together as husband and wife (Lawcornell , 2008 . Marriage is the foundation of our society . It is the institution that passes from one generation to another the values that we have . It is settled in every nation and every era of the world 's history that marriage strengthens the relationship of a man and wife Marriage is the way of the man to express his love to a woman publicly Marriage , also , permits the two persons sexually attracted to express their love without criticisms of the legality , morality and ethicality of their acts . In some cultures , marriage boosts the self- esteem and the superiority of the man . On the part of the woman , marriage gives them the feeling of security that her husband can give her . It also gives them the confidence of beauty and womanhood

Most importantly , through marriage , life is created . A new life is essential for the continuation of the life cycle of the society . In addition , marriage is important because it is a time- tested method of life- long companionship it instills as sense of belongingness and commitment it instills family values and close- knit ties it is a lifetime of commitment of sharing and caring , of giving and taking it provides stability and security to both partners and children born of happy marriages are well adjusted individuals and therefore lead to healthier society (Sigi , 2008

However , through times , the importance and foundation of marriage is being challenge on the basis that it does not guarantee a happier and healthier life of the child . Most marriage has ended into divorce in 1950 's (Cherlin 22 . Though single parenthood was mocked and considered taboo during those times , it has been slowly accepted in the society . At present the population of divorced and single parenthood is increasing The importance of marriage has slowly faded

Lately , marriage is the concern of the government and even enacted a bill to fund in support to reviving...

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