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government 3

The French observer who noted the influence of Democracy in a variety of contexts was

Alexis De Toqueville

2 . All of the following are basic elements of the U .S . political culture except

Economic Equality

3 . In American political culture , the _________ view of social policy is by far the most popular


4 . According to polls , which of the groups below are Americans most willing to help

The elderly

5 . Compared with Americans , Japanese are more likely to

Stress social harmony and group cohesion in social


6 . Data in the text suggest that the average American is more likely than the average European to

Believe in God

7 . The adversarial , contentious spirit of U .S . society is related most closely to Americans belief in

Individual Rights

8 . Religious diversity in the United States was largely the result of the absence of a (n

Established religon

9 . The notion that individuals should work hard , save their money , and avoid dependence on the state is sometimes referred to as the

Protestant work ethic

10 . Tales of youngsters who started out poor but became rich by dint of determination and hard work are associated with the writings of

Horatio Alger

11 . The text defines the two primary opposing camps in the American `culture war` as

Conservative and Liberal

12 . Americans sense of political efficacy compared to that of most Europeans seems to be

Significantly Higher

13 . Some 60 percent of adults adopt the party preference of their


14 . In recent...

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