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global warming effects on urbanism and human habitation


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Global Warming and the Slums


The slum areas in the world have been growing at an alarming rate People from the countryside are trooping to the cities in to secure jobs that are sorely lacking in the countryside . The problem however , is that the jobs in the cities are also lacking . As such , the people who go there also do not have enough money to secure decent housing for themselves . Instead , they go to the slums and start their lives there . According to

Mike Davis (2004 , cities and urban areas are now absorbing around two-thirds of the the world . This means that the number of people in the countryside is declining and that of the cities , particularly the slums , are growing exponentially

This growth of the slum areas does have an important impact on global warming and climate change . In fact , the different problems being faced by slums such as garbage disposal as well as the lack of economic power and mobility of the people in these slums affect human evolution and the state of human society as a whole . This seeks to explore the effect of urban slums to global warming as well as the effects of global warming to human habitation

Slums , Garbage and Global Warming

Human habitation in the slums tend to create a number of problems which are exacerbated by the neglect of governments and a seemingly intentional desire to keep the people in these slum areas due to the needs of industries in the developing countries where these slums are located . One the main problems of slums is the waste disposal and management of the people living there . Both solid and liquid wastes are not properly disposed in slum areas . In fact , some slum areas are even in the midst of dumping areas

This problem in waste disposal is contributing heaps and tons in the problems of global warming . Since slum areas are usually close to bodies of water such as rivers , streams , and seas , the garbage from these slums are dumped directly into these bodies of water , contributing greatly to pollution and to the blogging of these bodies of water during the rainy season . These pieces of garbage will then be sent to the ocean and will affect the lives of animals in the sea

In addition to this , slums are also poorly ventilated and also located in busy streets and highways of cities all over the world . Because of this , they also contribute to the noise and to the inability of the cities to deal with carbon dioxide emission levels

On the other hand , the increasing level of global warming also has an important effect on the dwellings of people in the slum areas . Since global warming affects the seasons , slum areas are more prone to extremes in temperatures . Slum areas usually lack ventilation . As such the area is usually very hot and uncomfortable . People will therefore be affected so much by the heat generated...

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