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Paper Topic:

geography and gender: film review

Thelma and Louise is about two women trapped in a society where men rule , but starts to fight the norms after their experiences fleeing the country gives them a self-realization to stand up for themselves

Released in 1991 , the movie is both a box office and critical success starring Geena Davis as Thelma and Susan Sarandon as Louise . One of the most successful movies of 1991 , the film was directed by Ridley Scott and written by Callie Khouri , and got several Academy Awards nominations and won the award for original screenplay (Metro Goldwyn


A road trip movie , the film itself defies the norms by putting two women in an adventure usually done by men . Exploring the theme of women empowerment , we see how in the beginning of the movie , Thelma is a battered housewife who couldn 't even get a permission for a vacation with Louise

However , in the course of the movie Thelma was transformed into someone strong and aggressive because of her experiences with men : her controlling husband Daryl (Christopher McDonald Harlan (Timothy Carhart , who tried to rape her and was shot by Louise and J .D (Brad Pitt

This transformation is when Thelma gets her gun and robs a convenience store . This is the first manifestation of her epiphany after she took over their trip when Louise is having a breakdown because J .D . stole her life 's savings after seducing Thelma

In a way , we can say that J .D 's robbery was the last...

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